SWTOR Classes

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-------------------------------Project Under construction---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The proposed set will include a SWTOR Warzone including four of these characters-----------------------------------------------Lego has done a few SWTOR sets, but they have barely scratched the surface on what we could do with Star Wars the Old Republic. There is so many possibility's of sets that we could do from the bounty hunters missions to the jedi knights missions. Below are just examples of what your character would look like in the game, depending on what class you are. These are all humans but you could also have so many more species that you could do in different sets.

the bounty hunter and the sith warrior

the jedi consular and the jedi knight

These are the sith inquisiter and the imperial agent. There are two more classes: Trooper and Smuggler, but I could not fit them on here.

Just think of all the fun battles, stop motion videos, and other things that you could do with these minifigures!

Thank you for all of your support!