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BB-8 made with Lego Parts


Motorized Platform for Lego BB-8

The Lego Group's motto is: the best is never too good
and I strongly agree with it...
droid drɔɪd/ noun (in science fiction) a robot.
robot ˈrəʊbɒt/ noun a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically.

I'm very proud to say (so far), I'm the only one who has been able to create a Lego BB-8 achieving different configurations.
I've really enjoyed to explore the potentiality of this Lego droid, testing any possibile feature.
I came to the conclusion that my BB-8 Lego version is better than the other ones, simply because it offers different options.
The 1st one:
the static model (perfect for playing, cheap and easy to build).
The 2nd one:
the manual rolling model (super exciting, because BB-8 rolls by hand).
The 3rd one:
Ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce the fully motorized platform for BB-8,
built 100% with Lego parts (2 Lego 9V Micromotors 9849-1, one battery box 6482 and two Electric Wires 5306bc015).
BB-8 is a droid, therefore (looking at the definition of this word), it supposes to move by itself.
1 product, 3 possible configurations... beat that! :-)


2nd head update and internal "device" 100% Lego that makes it rolling!!!


I mean... it rolls! It rolls!

I started this project in January and I've been the first who came out with the idea of using the planet from the Lego set 75007-1: Republic Assault Ship & Planet Coruscant, as a sphere for BB-8.

I pratically have a PhD in this droid, a sort of professorship in BB8–ology.

I did hundreds of tests, improving the shape of BB-8 and trying to make it rolling and in the past, I successfully did that, without knowing there are Lego weights (Lego Boat series) available.

I really liked the previous project which made 10,000 supporters, though I believe there are a few things that have to be improved.

First thing, the use of the Lego skateboard under BB-8's head; It creates too much distance from the sphere making the design horrible, in my opinion.

The magnets also have to be positioned inside (not outside) the dome, (6x6x3) and rotation wise (inline).

In this way you'll hide them.

Using the slide shoes round (2x2), BB-8's head will slide easily on the sphere.

Second, in my opinion the platform is utterly unnecessary (I mean, in terms of playability).

I think that all you'd like to buy is this cute and funny droid, not the platform.

Third, I decided to show you how I built BB-8 head, (something that in the other project is still a mystery).

I'm very close to create a motorized version (100% Lego) therefore stay tuned and

please support this BB-8 project!

Thanks a million!


Design of the eye and the projector improved!


Since I received a lot of criticism, I've decided to make a better design of the eye and the projector...

I hope you are going to like this improvement.

In my opinion it's a minuscule detail, but I guess "a part" of the Lego community, will appreciate this update.

It was (and it's still) 100% built using Lego Star Wars Parts.




BB-8 in the desert

"Beep, boop, hooHOOhoo"


"Where's Rey?"


Proportion is everything... not mentioning playability!

My son and I have taken this picture to say a big thank you to all the supporters.

We painstakingly painted (sorry for the alliteration) the background, adding even the sand.

We really wanted to show the perfect proportions of this Lego BB-8 model, compared to the Lego Star Wars Buildable Figure (of Rey).

The other thing we wanted to underline, is the smoothness of the surfaces that BB-8 has (even using Lego Star Wars Parts).

The spherical shape (main characteristic of BB-8) is almost perfect.

Last but not least, you can have an outstanding playability using this BB-8 version, because of the simplicity in building it.

In other words, you will not scatter Lego parts everywhere and if you are a parent/carer, you perfectly know what I'm talking about :-)

A heartfelt thank you!