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Lego Tribe: Camp Ambush!


Lego Tribe: Camp Camp Ambush

Ladies and Gents, here I present my submission to my Lego Ideas Theme of Lego Tribe, taking inspiration from Brittanic and Celtic tribesmen and their struggles with an occupational force.

This set features around a scouting, (or are they really raiding?), party from the tribe being ambushed by the occupational forces.

This set includes:

  • 2no Ranger tents with easy remove side panels for placing of the rangers when it's they're not on watch. These also feature a dual weapon stand outside each tent.
  • 2no modular supplies plates, featuring stacks of crates, barrels and the odd weapon! 
  • 1no central fire pit with 2no benches, for as and when our rangers need to put their feet up.
  • 1no Tribal standard featuring the wings of the crow, the image of this particular tribe.
  • 1no Set of 4 tribal rangers, wearing the hoods and capes, providing light infantry and ranged troops for the defending force.
  • 1no set of 3 attacking foes, complete with helmets, breastplates, shields and spears.
  • 1no Occupational General complete with helmet, plume, breastplate, shield and sword
  • 1no Occupational Standard Bearer, with shield, breastplate and standard. This would ultimately be decorated with decals.

This set works great on its own as a stand alone mini-set however, whilst acting as a completely independant kit, this can work well with the Lego Castle Series, or is another step towards a new historical era within the lego universe.

If you have any comments, questions, or merely want to comment, go right ahead! 

If this concept is something that you like the look of, or would consider buying, then please hit that support button and lets see if we can't get Lego's attention. 

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