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Knight Rider , K.I.T.T.


K.I.T.T. ,Star of the hit 80's TV show Knight Rider also staring David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight.

Both Knight Rider and K.I.T.T. have become pop culture icons of the 80's.

This Lego set represents the sleek styling of the classic Pontiac Trans-Am while maintaining the look of a Lego mini figure sized car.
Designed to fit right in to the wide Lego universe this creation captures and blends perfectly the Iconic Stars with the beloved toy for all ages.

Could you imagine this popping up in something like the next Lego Movie? ...I could ;)

Please Support and help this creation become an official Lego product

Set includes:
 1 Mini Figure
247 bricks
stickers for iconic dash and license plate

Software used in this project:

Virtual model building:

LEGO Digital Designer (LDD),

Image rendering:  


Custom decal design:

Paint Shop Pro 2


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