Product Idea

Lego Technic Tumbler with PB-motor

Batman's tumbler once again... but this time it's Lego Technic with pullback-motor function! Wrooom!

This model represents Tumbler in smaller scale so it could be used with pull-back motor. While trying to keep the low piece count i tried to catch the shape of this iconic vehicle. Both front and back wheels have a suspension (and front wheels have it independent). Turbine has an easily  detachable flame imitation piece. The cockpit has two seats with with control panel elements and a drive wheel. 

Some panels are adjustable so you could change an exterior look a little bit. As long as its shape is created with mostly black technic shield pieces, i have added a curved technic beam in the middle so it could be used for lifting up and carrying around the model and more important - for using its pull-back motor function!