Lego Minecraft Nether Portal

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This is my idea for a new minecraft set. It contains three microfigs and two nether portals. Each nether portal is on a six by six stud plate. One is the nether, and the other is the regular minecraft landscape. Ever since the original Minecraft Microworld cameout everyone, including me, has been waiting for another one. If you're one of the people that loves minecraft, lego, or both of them together then you should support this project.

The microfigs included are (from left to right) a zombie pigman, Steve in diamond armor, and a zombie. The zombie pigman comes with his usual golden sword that is actually a knife that works as a sword for microfigs. I knew that the zombie pigman microfig would have to have some other thing that's cool about him so his head isn't just white. It glows in the dark! It would have his usual face printed on the side of it as well. Steve is made the exact same way as in the Minecraft Microworld except his hair, torso and feet are colored differently so that he looks like he has diamond armor. The same face from the Minecraft Microworld would be printed on his head. The zombie is made the same way as Steve except his head and hair are colored differently to look more like a zombie. His face would be similiar to Steve's as well. Thank you for viewing this, and once again if you like minecraft, lego, or both of them together, or even think it would be something that other people might like then please support.