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Large Tardis


This is my version of doctor who's police box (tardis) It is a large build and is taken from around the fourth doctor era. As you can see from the pictures a main feature is the opening of the telephone compartment where the emergency use only telephone is kept, the emergency door can easily be opened and contains a a model of a telephone which is based on the design of the original.

The next main feature of my build is the opening of the main police box door which is easily opened by hinges top and bottom to reveal the inside of the police box, I have not included anything inside as it was not my intention to do so.

The main feature for my build is for display purposes only and also aimed at teenagers and adults as the build is quite complex, I have left the police box sign blank as you could print off your own signs to put in place also I've left door sign blank too.

I have tried to put as much detail into the model as I can, I studied plans and pictures of the police box and used bricks accordingly to give the desired effect of the model.

I hope you all enjoy this design as it took me several attempts to get to this stage. please enjoy and vote I think it would be a great addition to the dr who lego range for the master builders  

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