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Extra-planer Light Flagship


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This is a model of an Extra-planer Light Flagship or elf. I originally was inspired to build this behemoth from the epic imperial spacecraft from star wars and when I finished it many people asked me if it really was a set and where they could buy it. A few days after I finished the flagship, somebody reminded me of the Lego ideas site and I thought it a brilliant idea. This would make an excellent Lego set because it has more play-ability, detail, and space than the traditional sets and is really cool to show off to friends or just to play with. Please support this model and tell your friends about this model.


The size is approximatly 2ft. and perhaps perhaps 2000 pieces                                                                         -  Includes warship                                                                                                                                             - Sections: command center, holographic desks, engine, prison, and weaponry.                                              - Mini vehicle with mounted Gatling gun, Escape shuttle, maintenance robot,                                                    mini Gatling gun, 3 rockets, satellite dish with antenna, and a mini hanger