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Lego Harmony Express

The Harmony Express is the new generation of lego high speed trains, with its unique elegant design and practicality. This train serves as a commercial high speed sleeper passenger train. 

Many lego trains are passenger high speed train, but there was never a double decker high speed train. The Harmony Express delivers the theory of high speed train combined with the luxury of a sleeper train. But what I find the most appealing part of this model is it's name; Harmony Express. I have carefully selected the word harmony to representsimply this: A sleeper high speed train must deliver both comfort and safety, the word 'harmony' represents the train's comfort for the minifugures and ensures a safe journey to their destination. 

The train can be quiped with 2 Power Functions train motors at both end to give a smooth yet powerful speed to the train, and with some extra provided bricks it can link 2 of these models together. Additional PF lights can be added on to light up the headlights and the interior lighting of the harmony express!


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