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Car Racing Game

Car Racing Game
This game is a fun and great idea. Driven by one motor the conveyor belt goes round along with cars attached to it allowing a simulation of a road with cars speeding by. The steering wheel controlling a gear rack attached to the red car allows you to drive the car and weave in between the cars. Or crash!

Summary of how it works
  • The conveyor belt pulls the car along.
  • You have to dodge the cars as they come towards you using the steering wheel

The cars are loosely attached to the conveyor belt so if you crash then the cars fall off avoiding damaging the lego or the motor. Another great thing about this model is that the 4 conveyor belts go at different speeds creating a more random and difficult game. This is done using gears to change the speed between the 4 conveyor belts.
The speed of the conveyor belt can be altered with a three speed gear box hidden within the section that sticks out (this also houses the motor and battery box)

The wheel is positioned in front of a dashboard to increase the realistic side to the model. To make it easier or harder you can remove one or more of the three cars or one of the two speed signs.

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