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French Farmhouse


This is the French Farmhouse. An elegant but also rustic farmhouse. Complete with water wheel, horse stable, and garden. Now let me take you through the adventure of a French farmhouse. The outside of the house is decorated with beautiful bushes and flora of all kinds. The water wheel/garage has a stream at the front and behind is a garage with a motor cycle. You might be thinking what a motor cycle is doing in a French farmhouse? Well I can tell you, I wanted to bring modern day technology into an older environment. Also the Farmer is working on it as you can see in the photo's. Now on to the garden. The garden is a natural landscape filled with radishes, carrots, tomato's, onions, and squash. This is the Farmers Son's main project. Just like the garden the stable is not a big build. It is filled with hay and comes with a milky white horse. Also it comes with a stack hay just in case the horse runs out. The kitchen/dining room. This is also where the family spends most of there together before heading back to there outside chores. After all meals the Farmers Wife knows most of her duties will move inside. But when the Farmer gets out his violin she knows her chores might have to wait. This set includes the Farmer, his Wife, and his Son.               

                 Enjoy the artistry and please support.

                                                                                 Your Friend, LegoL0verLad

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