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Honda Integra Type R DC2


Here it is : my replica of the legendary Integra Type R !

This was my long-term project that I started last year in August and officially finished for the 2018 Honda Fest at St-Eustache, in Québec, Canada. I have put a lot of time and efforts in this model with an only goal which was to make it look as close, as bricks can get it to look, to the original Type R, built by Honda and sold from 97 to 2001. I am a big fan of the Integra and I couldn’t have had figured out how it would be possible to make an accurate replica in the beginning.

From the miniature B18C engine to the interior, the car stays true to the real thing and keeps the legend alive 17 years after the last ITR rolled off the production dream would be to see the Integra make a come back in the Honda line-up but I can only dream right now to see my lego Type R to become a set and to be in the hands of other true car and Honda passionates !

Please help me get to 10,000 likes and make this 900+ parts beast be in the hands of builders all around the globe !!

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