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Korea Traditional Costume


This cotumes are based on Korean old country ; Joseon(1392~1910)

This is statue line and it also called big figure line.

This set is consist of 7 statues.

Here is short story.

1. King : King is wearing red Hanbok(clothes) with golden patterns on his shoulder, back and stomach. And he is wearing hat such as crown.


2. Queen : Queen is wearting very colorful Hanbok with golden patterns on her shoulder, back and stomach. And she is wearing decoreated woman wig on her head.


3. Vassal : Vassal is the one of the public official. They are the study side. Hanbok's color and patterns on stomach mean their position.


4. General : General is the one of the public official. When they participate in conference, they wearing Hanbok such as Vassal. But they have another garments.


5. Eunuch : Eunuch is serving King and King's family.


6. Maid of honor : Maid of honor is serving King and King's family.



1. King - bricks : 177, size : 18cm X 6cm X 18cm(height)

2. Queen - bricks : 156, size : 6cm X 4cm X 18cm

3. Vassal - bricks : 172, size : 6cm X 8cm X 17cm

4. General - bricks : 157, size : 7cm X 7cm X 18cm

5. Eunuch : - bricks : 174, size : 6cm X 4cm X 17cm

6. Maid of honor : bricks : 150, size : 6cm X 4cm X 15cm

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