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Museum of Modern Art

With this project, I wanted to show all my passion and courage about arts of any kind. I really want to get an opportunity for everyone to get their own Art Museum on their desks!

There's never been such a thing as an Art Museum in LEGO, and I really think we need to change that. I tried to make the building and an environment as creative as I can: the window on the second floor has this unusual angle, on the right side of the building paint "Flows Down" and the bench is decorated with black and white giant LEGO bricks. Also, tree build is unusual and really interesting I think.

I tried to combine slick and sharp lines of the building with bright colors and unusual building techniques. Inside the museum there are a lot of different paintings as well as 2 statues. I love how on the 2nd floor, it has this balcony kind of build. You also have a place to sit on the 2nd floor. The roof has this unusual build of glass using garage rollers. So, overall, I think that this building turned out as a great build. It's a cozy and warm place where people can enjoy works of different authors and speak about them with each other, sharing their opinions.

I think that Art Museum is such an important building for LEGO because people all over the world will be able to express themselves by doing art. I think that a lot of people would like to see this as an official set! So, I ask every one of you for help, share this project with your friends, with your family members! 

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