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Lego Star Wars: Mini Utility Vehicle


This is my Lego Star Wars: Mini Utility Vehicle. It is a small vehicle that took some inspiration from the Star Wars trilogy. 

Do you collect Star Wars Lego sets, collectables, movies, or even books? Than this is the set for you! It adds a nice look to your collection, and even though it is quite small, it is still worth having.

Even if you don't collect Star Wars Lego Sets, this is a great way to not only start your collection, but to display something that has never been seen before in a Lego Set or Star Wars Movies. 

This set includes many different cool parts like:

- A Stormtrooper & His Helmet

- A Steering Wheel between 2 levers

- An "Armour" stand to customize and display your own Star Wars Lego items

- A small Lego blaster (or gun)

- A trailer to hold items such as: Tires, Loot, extra StormTrooper helmets, or your own Lego items.

Please support if you would like this to become a set! If you're a Star Wars fan or not, this miniature collectable is a great way to start your collection, display exciting ships, expand your Star Wars belongings, and show off your Legos.

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