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RWBY Battle For Beacon

This lego set is based on the hit American anime Rwby. this particular scene depicts the fall of the high school Beacon in which there are two big mechs fighting the majority of the characters and Pyrrha and Jaune fighting cinder. Adam is fighting two of the protagonists Yang and Blake.

Ruby has black hair and red cloak.

Weiss has white hair and white clothes.

Blake has black hair and black clothes.

Yang has yellow hair and light brown clothes.

Jaune has yellow hair and blue pants.

Nora has orange hair and a pink skirt.

Pyrrha has red hair and gold clothes.

Ren (li Ren) has black hair and green clothes.

Coco has a brown beret and brown clothes.

Velvet has brown bunny ears and tan clothes but also has long hair attached to her ears.

penny has orange hair and a green skirt.

Adam has red hair and black clothes.

Cinder has black hair and red clothes with black transparent glass slippers (shoes).

Roman has a bowler hat and white coat with a grey scarf and orange hair.

Neo (Neopolitan) has brown and pink hair with a white coat.

Ruby, Weiss, blake and yang make team RWBY (pronounced ruby).

Jaune, Nora, Pyrrha and ren make team JNPR (pronounced juniper)

Coco and Velvet are only 2 members of team CfVy (pronounced coffee).

The villains are Roman and Neo (a crime duo), and Cinder and Adam.

Mechs are controlled by Neo and Roman.

Cinder has fire powers.

Pyrrha controls the cogs with magnetic powers

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