Venom Ultrabuild

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'From now on, we are poison to Peter Parker: We're VENOM!'

Of all of Spidermans foes, Venom has always been his toughest, most unforgiving opponent. An alien symbiote that once worked with the webhead was rejected by him and instead bonded with a failed news-reporter named Eddie Brock. The two, both having a hatred of Spiderman, formed a bond, creating the villain/anti-hero Venom.
This model is Venom created into a Lego Ultrabuild figure. He is not directly based off of any particular Venom, though he most resembles the Marvel Mainstream Continuity Version (Earth-616).

This model can feature replaceable hands, so that he he doesn't always have to sport the same set of oversized claws. It also makes it easier to arm him with weapons and equipment (though he rarely uses such things in the stories).
The eyes on the head can either be painted, molded in, or even placed with stickers. All the other pieces are currently existing bricks, though the tongue would ideally be a rubber piece.