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Anicontribe Vehicle Pack


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This project was created to supplement the lack of all anicontribe vehicles from Master Chen's army, Considering the minifigures that would go in this set was decided to not be included to keep the price down and if minifigures were added, it would be minifigures already made. This set features clouses earth mech and the Anicontribe Dune Buggy before being possessed by lloyd, and turned into the Jungle Raider

Clouse's earth mech consists of:

  • 4 poseable arms made of rock
  • 2 poseable legs
  • Adjustable spikes on the head
  • A cockpit for Clouse

Anicontribe Dune Buggy consists of:

  • Poseable tail that moves up and down
  • Back wheels suspension
  • A adjustable cage to hold a minifigure down
  • A bottom adjustable jaw


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