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Convertible Train


Why no Power Functions?

Power Functions products have very good quality. However, Power Functions can be quite combersome when you're trying to build LEGO trains.

Look at this project, for example. There is no way that I could've fit this onto my diesel locomotive in this project. This is why I want the 9-volt LEGO train system to come back.

Think about it: people like BrickTsar, a LEGO loving YouTuber, thinks that the 9-volt train system is better than Power Functions. Trains could go faster with 9-volt trains. Back then, there was no need to make a lot of space just to pop a motor into the bottom of a diesel locomotive.

Power Functions is sometimes tricky to work with, because lots of space needs to be made on a locomotive just to make it run.

I'm not trying to say that Power Functions is a bad thing, but things were simpler and easier when the 9-volt area lived.

What do you think of this? Please tell me your thoughts in the comments. Have a good day! By cheesy. 12/29/2017

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