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Modular Art Deco Library Building


Continuing on with my fascination of Art Deco style architecture, I present to you my Art Deco Library Modular. This large library is model atop a 48x48 base plate, sporting 3 floors of arranged shelves, and seating. The exterior offers very unique design qualities reminiscent of large art deco structures of the past. Featuring ascending arch style windows on all 4 sides, as well as decorative support columns crowned with lions head moldings, giving this building old time style and class along with functionality. The large windows offer a very open feel to the interior of the library. The interior boasts a checker board tile floor throughout all three stories, as well as large librarians desks on the 1st and 2nd floors. it also offers many tables, chairs, and book shelves throughout all three stories for ample seating and book storage. This modular offers the real old time feel of a classic library before the age of computers and internet, at true slice of American history, and education! Thank you for your support peeps!  and as always, Brick on!        

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