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Daggernaut 1.0


Somedays back I had bought five “Nexo Knights  Ultimate” sets , of the five knights. I liked the decent-sized triangular brick in each of them. An idea formed in my mind and the result is the set that you see. I know I could have made/created a bigger set but my impatience got the better of me!( Guess I was in a hurry to submit by first IDEAS project.) Though it’s a small and simple build, I felt it was a bit creative and quite unique.
Every LEGO set, official or not, needs a description and here it is:
“ Daggernaut  1.0!! A destructive high-speed flyer. The huge blade in front of the flyer can      cut  though rock, metal  and  slice through hordes of enemies . Those who survive the blade will be bashed by the two fists on either side of the blade. And the dual shield-thrusters on the back  will make this flyer impossible to chase. “

(Sorry if my description was bit corny..still new at this! J ).

My main reason for submitting this project is to see the reaction/response (whether positive or negative) from LEGO fans/builders.  Whatever happens , it’ll be a good learning experience for me.
Thank you. 

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