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Elora Bianchi Moto Mannaia F1


My dear followers I thank you  for the support for this new lego motor product. My name is Taco Jan Bouwens I'm a Dutch artist who loves to design objects and in this case I designed  motorcycles with existing Legobricks.

As an artist I was looking for a new brand name. My choise has been set on an Europian name it' s an Italian based on the letter E and B. The name that was chosen is Elora Bianchi. There will be four big models that I like to present you. All in different colour schemes and new design ideas.

I asume these models will be for collectors and kids who love motorbikes, you show them in an nice display case. Technical things are still in order everything works.

Now I present you the first bike in an line of four designed by Elora Bianchi. The name of this model is the Mannania F1 it is a big chopper race bike. The models are hand build in The Netherlands.