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LEGO Wooden Toy Ornament Set


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Gather around the tree and take a trip back in time to where it all began! 

LEGO started with wooden pull toys and children around the world happily dragged them about! Those children are now adults and can flash back to those memories with a set of ornaments depicting favorites from their childhood.

The remarkable six that made their mark over the last 90 years include:

  • The Duck, one of the first and favorite pull toys created by LEGO, still reins in young and old alike! Released in 1935, the Duck is one of the most popular of the wooden toys produced by LEGO. This set is scaled to match the set of ornaments and keeps in line with the original colors.
  • The Elephant is a pull-along painted to look like it has a cloth across its back. LEGO produced the elephant in 1950 and children everywhere became ring leaders. As with all the ornaments in the set, unique brick choices lend dimension to the overall look.
  • Clumsy Hans sits on top of a red and white billy goat. Hans and the goat would bob up and down to the amusement of children everywhere. Clumsy Hans was named after a fairytale about Hans Christian Anderson.
  • The Monkey, released in 1946, includes a brown wooden monkey attached to a colorful wooden car. The set’s colors represent the curious creature with red, blue, and green!
  • Rooster and Hen, sometimes referred to as chickens on a board, was a favorite of many. The design includes several stacked plates to replicate the colors of the feathers.  
  • Lady Bird or Lady Bug, whatever the name, she is LEGO through and through! Sporting flexible arms, oversized body with spots, and set upon on rockers for a whimsical reproduction.

All the ornaments measure between 3 and 5 inches high. Together, the 6 iconic ornaments will bring smiles to everyone, young and old, as this build is meant for sharing. 

Walk down memory lane this year and find joy in the holiday as you build and hang up these beautiful recreations of old LEGO wooden toys with your family.

Attention to detail from colors to sizes, the ornaments rightfully honor Ole Kirk and the beginning of LEGO! 

Play well!

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