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~~Time Team
The Time Team are out in the field again and this time they are discovering roman remains.  All the team are there:
• Tony Robinson – the main presenter
• Mick Aston – Professor of Landscape Archaeology at Bristol University from 1996 – 2004 who was the resident academic in the programme
• Phil Harding – who is never happier than when excavating a new trench
• Helen Geake – specialising in burial sides and examining archeological finds.
• John Gater -  the geophysics lead
• Stewart Ainsworth – studying the site for ‘lumps and bumps’
So far they have opened up three trenches:
• Trench 1 - a burial site with a complete skeleton and Helen is enthused about the grave goods they have discovered, including a sword, pottery and coins; nearby a dog is interested in the exposed bones.
• Trench 2 - a mosaic in some disrepair but the original colours and pattern can be identified
• Trench 3 – just being opened with the digger but Phil is getting excited about wall remains and the implications of a change in soil colour
Nearby Tony and Mick are discussing the dig so far, with camera and sound man on hand.
John and his geophysics team are examining the next field to decide where to put the next trench while Stewart has been studying the maps in the site shed.
The Outside Broadcast equipment includes a mobile studio and a control room/broadcast truck. These could be used in other locations such as sports or concerts or news events.

The digger is the same as that included in the ‘City Demolition Site’.

Links to TV Programmes – this type of model would be of interest to fans of the UK Time Team Programme, which was exported to more than 40 countries, or the Time Team America show.
Dimensions – the model is open plan so not a set dimension but each ‘Trench’ is on a 16x16 baseplate, there are  minifigs, 1 dog  and overall the model has 1195 pieces.

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