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Doctor Who, Tardis Exterior

The Tardis is a time machine that is used by The Doctor in the BBC show, Doctor Who. It is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, and it can travel anywhere in time and space. On the outside, it looks like a 60's London police box. On the inside, it has several large rooms. You can support my Tardis interior here. I portray the exterior in this project.

Imdb link to the new show

Imdb link to the classic series

I have included The Tenth Doctor in this set. It is also likely that a companion would be included as well, such as Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, or Donna Noble.

A monster or villain would also be included. My first two choices would be the Cybermen and the Daleks. These are two of the most iconic evildoers from the show.

It would also include K-9.

My proposed set would include the Tardis, the Tenth Doctor, a companion, one Cyberman or one Dalek, and K-9.

Please take the time to support and share this and other great Doctor Who projects. Together we can make Lego Doctor Who a reality.

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