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An Ancient Desert Home


Emerse yourself into ancient times and enter one of the homes of a family in an ancient desert civilization. Sit by the fire, have some food, or take up a spear and guard the door. Then of course you could also just stand there and stare out the windows, doorway, or at the wall if you wanted to. 

This set includes two minifigures (One male and one female with a fancy bit of jewerly), a piece of meat, two buckets, a bench, a hearth built onto the side of the wall, a spear, and of course, the house itself. 

I had noticed that not a lot of people had ideas for an ancient desert home yet that they had posted, so I took the liberty of designing one. This is modeled after a standard ancient desert home with beams across the ceiling and corner and door posts made of wood to support the structure, while the rest of the building is based on a mud-brick or sandstone design. Notice how the interior walls are much smoother than the exterior. That is because the walls are double-layered. 

What's the aim of this set? Well, I thought I'd design a desert home, since it seemed like a good idea at the time, and I felt like making a simple, beamed structure from ancient times. 

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