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McDonDon Mech


Ladies and Gentlemen, 

I'm glad to introduce the significant fast-food characters! - The McDonDon series!

Now, they become Lego Mechs and pay the responsibility of saving the world!


The set comes with 5 mechs. They can be played with individually , transform to weapons or combined to form "Hyper McDonDon Mech"!


They are list as below:

1. Mcdondon mech (The Main Body)

2. BirBir Mech (combine with Mcdondon Mech to become the flying device)

3. Happy Meal Tank (use as supply transport )

4. Buglar Mech (transform to a huge claw and install to Msdondon Mech's left arm)

5.Grimech (can transform to 2 modes, cannon mode and armor mode)


Hope you like it and can support it together , thanks for your attention!

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