Product Idea

Intermodal Railroader Tractor Trailer Train Cars / Bogies

This project contains 4 Semi-Trailers a rig and the rail bogies that link them together to be pulled on the rails. The main part of this set is in Interconnectability of ANY Lego tractor trailer without modification. The bogies use the fifth-wheel pin to connect the trailer and use a pin that fits into the rear of the trailer. In Pictures you will see one bogie that has been left out to show the construction.

This set contains 5 bogies, 1 front with magnet, 3 linking bogies, and 1 rear with magnet. This set is very easy to expand and additional linking bogies could be incorporated and provide a long train with little resistance as there are far less wheels than a standard train.

Each car connects without any bricks being removed and will fit seemlessly on the tractor for transport to its final destination. The cars can be decorated with any kind of company logo as well as the truck but this platform provides the base for a long fright train that would double as street vehicles and would breakdown very easily in the train yard.