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Pingu at the Wedding - Special Project!

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It's a very special wedding, and your invited!

Pingu and his family have been invited to a wedding and must get everything ready in time! Just don't let the Roomba ruin the wedding!

This set includes 10 minfigures: Pingu, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, Pinga, Pingj, Robby, a baby penguin, and the bride and groom. And the Roomba if you want to count THAT as a minifigure.

This set includes: a wheelchair for Grandpa, a table with anything a wedding needs, a remote control for the Roomba, a camera for Robby, a present (which holds the Roomba), flowers, and a cake topper for a REAL wedding cake. There could also be a wedding photo featuring every character included in the project in the final product. How do you like THAT idea, LEGO?

This could be the ultimate gift for the bride and groom's special day. Support this project, and we could have a REAL LEGO wedding set. The perfect gift for a bride/groom.

Watch the Pingu wedding special here.