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Viking 1 Mars Lander


Viking 1 was the first of the 2 spacecraft launched in Nasa's Viking Program.

Launched on August 20, 1975 atop of a Tital IIIE launch vehicle the Viking 1 Oribter travelled 10 months and half a billion miles to reach Mars orbit.

On June 19, 1976 the oribter was inserted into Mars orbit. The origional landing was planned for July 4, 1976 but imaging of the landing site showed it to be too rough for a safe landing which resulted in the landing having to be delayed.

The landing took place on July 20 - the 7th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing. The lander sperated from the obiter at 08:51 UTC and landed at 11:53:06 UTC. The first US attempt at landing on the red planet was a success.

The lander remained in operation for 2306 days or 2245 sols (Mars days) (which was the record for longest mars surface until that record was broken by the Opportunity  rover on May 19, 2010.) Contact was lost on November 13, 1982 when a update to the battery charging software inadvertently overwrote data used by the antenna pointing software, leading to the loss of contact.

The model:

The Moc consists of a diorama of the Viking lander on Mars' surface. The kit consists of 269 peices and has 5 parts with decals/stickers.

The Viking Lander has an operable 'Surface sample boom' which is shown taking a sample of the red surface and the high gain antenna is fully adjustable.

The decals themselves are very simple as I am very new to LDD to POV-Ray

The whole diorama measures 24 (192mm) studs left to right and 22 (176mm) studs front to back.

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