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Penny-Bot Construction Droid


Penny-Bot Construction Droid

(Lore) In short, "PennBots" are important foundations that helps the future man-kind with it's detrimental services in construction. 

The robots are designed to equal the strength of 200 men. It can carry heavy loads with precision and efficiency, bypassing the need of rudimentary cranes machines. Its height is the twice the size of an average man. The robot exhibits full dynamic flexibility like any humanoid. The head of the robot is about the size of a small canister, yet it has the capacity to understand complex tasks.

These robots are deployed to hasten construction in the future. Used by civilians, contractors, military, and alike, they are employed in abundance. In some cases, a few are reprogrammed to perform other tasks than just construction work. This ranges in several fields other than its default.


The build uses only official Lego bricks

2015 S.P