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Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile



High-Res images: 

Pursuit to Battle Mode animated GIF: 20441796508_95c4cfd422_o.gif


The Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile

This model can shift into pursuit mode (for racing and fast transportation) and battle mode (for combat situations) just like in the game. The switch between modes was tricky, but a team of builders experimented with countless designs to find the best lego solution — and this is it. 


Here’s what it does and how it works: 

A turret can be added or removed to the top of the vehicle. It’s based off the game’s, which features a 60mm canon, Vulcan Minigun and riot suppressors. It swivels a full 360 degrees and is menacing enough to strike some serious fear into Lego Batman’s little plastic enemies. Serious fear. 

The back of the Batmobile opens to reveal a compartment in which passengers can be transported. The back of this model folds open to fit a villain mini figure. Have fun getting booked at Gotham Police Department, Riddler.

Rather than connecting the front wheels with a hook or unstable piece to achieve battle mode position, we use independent axels on each wheel. This way, the wheels aren't swiveling a full 360 degrees so the car is sturdy and rollable. By using hinge bricks and swiveling pieces, we pivot the wheel supports to open and close — without affecting the vehicle’s cockpit and while keeping the wheels themselves (and the headlights between them) facing forward for smooth rolling. Transforming the car is as easy as pulling the front wheels outward for battle mode, then closing them back into hooks at center for pursuit mode. Basically, we did some crazy stuff to make the front wheels work. Here's the transition: 20441796508_95c4cfd422_o.gif

You’ll also notice we used a lot of bight colored bricks for this. (Just making sure you’re still paying attention.) We used almost exclusively black and smoothed it out on top to match the Batmobile’s iconic armor. When in battle mode, use red studs for the lights, and use blue for pursuit mode. We’ve done our best to address all the cool little bat-details like the winch/grapple in the front and exposed machinery on the side. 

Length: 10.5" (with flame) - Height: 3.25" - Width: 4.5" - Piece Count: ~500


Thanks for supporting our model! 



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