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RV and Boat


My model isn't based on anything specific. It's an RV that I made using Lego parts. The boat is mostly a boat hull piece. The RV is medium sized. And the boat is a small sports/utility boat with a trailer to be pulled by the RV. This model also has an additional umbrella and chair that can fit in the boat while traveling. The RV is 8 wide and can sit two minifigures side by side. The RV has a small kitchen, a small sized wall slide out, a mini bedroom, and a couch. The boat has two seats and a control center. The RV has a ladder and spare tire on the back with an AC on the roof. The RV also has a staircase that can be moved by the doorway.

I built this RV and boat to enter into Lego Ideas. I have always had a fascination with building Lego scale camper models. I enjoy building camper models out of Lego bricks. I think this would be a great set because of the play value for kids of many ages. Not only does the RV have an inside, but it comes with a boat to add to the play. It also may encourage kids to want to go camping and enjoy the outdoors with their family. And finally I think it would be a good set because the construction was very straight and would be easy for kids to enjoy putting together.

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