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Classic Space Pizza Delivery


A classic space pizza delivery spaceship.The craft has a retro steering wheel, along with two red joysticks to help control it. It has a pizza sticker on the front bricks to help everyone recognize the pizza logo. It also has two main engines with two more black joysticks, two other thrusters, a grille to help keep the pizza warm in space, and two red flags in the back. There are also some transparent studs that can are used to light the way through space, along with some hover ballast tanks. The back part can also be detached as an manned, or unmanned probe. Some air intakes, and that is it! It may not make a lot of sense, like some of the other classic space sets, but it's still great for fun. Accessories are the Walkie-talkie, the red cup, and of course, the pizza. Minifigures are the classic red spaceman, This craft was built as something to deliver pizza throughout the galaxy. Please support, and thanks! 

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