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Gemini Starfighter

I started this build by just playing Lego with my son. I saw some great potential for this ship, so I devoted a lot of time into its design and creation. Overall, I'm very pleased with it, I hope you will be too.

The Gemini features two heavy cannons on the top of the ship, three rapid firing blasters on either wing, and four "flick" missiles on the bottom of the main engine body. There is also a compartment at the back of the ship for clip-in storage of sidearms or tools for the mini figures. The wings lock in the out position for flight mode, and the mechanism allows for easy release so that they can fold down for landing mode. The cockpits are free rolling on a single axis, so no matter how the ship is oriented, the pilots will always be upright, helping them maintain their equilibrium.

The engine is what makes up the center of the ship. It is also where one holds the ship to play with it. I'd recommend it for ages 6 and up just because one's hands need to be a certain size and strength to handle it. My 6 year old son plays with it no problem, and enjoys it very much!

This is the link to my You Tube video that demos the Gemini.

The piece count is approx. 885, and it was a very fun build. I'm always very impressed with how Lego's designers engineer their toys and when my son gets a new set, I always sit with him while he builds it, because I want to see how it's designed. I've tried to stay true to the ingenuity that Lego's people have.

As for the mini figures, I haven't yet come up with an idea for them, but I'm thinking of something humanoid, but not extremely alien. Their clothes would be like a space Rock 'n Roll kind of thing, like Han Solo meets Mad Max! Helmets similar to a skateboarder's, or motorcyclist's helmet.

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