Butcher's Shop

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We already have the Green Grocer, now there is somewhere to by meat. The set would be three floors, the top two being an apartment. There would also be five minifigures, three customers, the butcher and the fishmonger.

I believe that this would be a fantastic addition to the growing modular building layout. If you agree, please show your support! Comments and suggestions for how it can be improved are also very welcome.

The ground floor is the shop itself. As well as a counter for sales, there are displays of meat, Turkey, Sausages and Steak, and seafood, Fish, Crab and Lobster. Behind each are the tools of the trade. At the back is a cold storage containing more stock.

The second floor contains the kitchen and dining room of the apartment, and a fish tank. Also visible is the stained glass window above the stairs up to it.

The top floor is the bedroom, with additional shelves and sliding doors which lead out onto the decking and hot tub.