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Portal2 Quad Chamber Starter Pack Work In Progress


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Welcome to the Aperture Facility Labratories. Here you will start your journey through Aperture. These are the 4 test rooms including many objects and things key to your success. This is the starter kit or room one which will include Chell and Atlas. This project is in the alpha stage so these pictures you see isn't all. And For the sake of the project, leave some advice on how I upload custom images or decals on the blocks so I can texture the weighted cube. The set comes with the disabled cube dropper and an enabled one an enabled and disable discouragement cube and a enabled and disabled cube receiver.

Extra I am building a build your own room extra to come with this including everything in the four rooms. And you may see some familiar models, I asked permission for creations like P-Body and Atlas, and the portal gun, I had permission and I mixed my own design in there. In the pictures there are some objects or key element I added to the project, but that is not all the stuff I made in the picture. Due to my terrible ability with taking pictures in digital designer, some objects like P-Body is missing. And remember this is in alpha stage, I will update this maybe on the weekends, please leave advice on how I can put custom decals on in the description because I don't know that much about uploading projects. And Please feel free to slap the Support button for the awesome discouragement beach going throw the two portals