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Fall Home


   This modern house has almost everything a minifigure will need in their house.

  • Open driveway so they can drive any car including the one provided in the set.
  • Stone sidewalk leading to a front porch with planter on the side.
  • A front door.
  • Fire place and chimney with flame inside.
  • End tables for bananas and other items you choose to add.
  • Kitchen countertop with storage and a stove.
  • Coffee maker with two coffee cups.
  • Wine glass and a wine bottle.
  • Four plates.
  • A turkey and a extra drumstick.
  • A pie.
  • Two bananas.
  • Lamp. 
  • Fish.
  • Kitchen table and a breakfast nook.
  • Cutting board with cheese and a knife
  • Flat screen tv with remote so you can watch tv.
  • Sausage. 
  • Pot.
  • Four unique minifigures. 
  • Bike.

This Lego modern house should become a Lego set because (see points below).

There are not a lot of  Lego houses that

  • Are low priced.
  • Have food.
  • Have a front porch.
  • Have many cool minifigures
  • Include a car.

I built this Lego house because I noticed my points above and have the bricks for a house. I also like playing with my creations and Lego's creations so I added an easy release roof. The fire place does have flame in it. The minifigures can move around and celebrate thanksgiving without getting cramped. The house is also color coordinated. It looks great and realistic. Thanks for viewing and please support.  


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