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Pirate Starship MK1

Hello to all. Here's a look at a recent creation designed in LEGO Digital Designer. There may be a few design changes in the future, and I'll be sure to update this page as changes occur. Scroll down for more info on the specifics of the ship and feel free to ask questions or comment. Thanks for stopping by.

Here's a view from the top down. The design was inspired by another space craft I had made in real life, and wanted to recreate in LDD. Note the landing supports in the lower right hand corner. I don't think they are absolutely necessary, but a little extra support for the model never hurts in my opinion. The pilots chamber opens as seen in the picture and closes complete with the assistance of the wind shield piece below it.

A view from the side. Behind the pilot, you can see his trusty rifle clipped in by two grey pieces. The engine at the front of the ship is needed to start the turbines in the back. Also, I liked the look of car parts on a space ship.

From the back. Twin turbine engins and rocket engins power this craft ensuring that it can escape from even the greatest predator.

Underneath the vessel, there is an additional hatch where our pirates latest prisoner is stored. The hatch rotates back into the hull of the ship and does not have to be physically removed in order to access.

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