Medieval Cottage

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Life was not always easy in Lego medieval times especially for this family who were once peasants. They used to live in a one-room house made of straw, sticks and mud which they shared with their animals. Until one day, Hagrid the man of the house decided he was going to free his wife and son from a life of great hardships. This was not easy but Hagrid convinced his master to let him fight in a local tournament for a share of the prize. Hagrid managed to win the tournament against the overwhelming odds and moved his social status overnight. He no longer worked for his master and earned a life as a nobleman for the King. The family was awarded land and built a two-story cottage made of stone and half timbers.

Includes 3 minifigures; a mom, dad, and son. 

This model would be ideal as a display piece for adult/teenage collectors or to add to an entire medieval village with other buildings such as a watermill, windmill, blacksmith shop, tavern, church, castle, etc. I tried to include many details throughout while limiting the landscape for a more realistic piece count.

It was a fun challenge building the dilapidated walls with a caved in roof and chimney. I used several different build techniques to get the desired look. Although it appears fragile the build is very stable and can be played with. I estimate around 1,270 pieces in this build.

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