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Dr. Well's Secret Lair


Improved And More Accurate Room!

I have updated his secret room to be more screen accurate, it now has those dots on the walls like the pattern in the show. I also added a roof to the capsule the Reverse Flash suit is held in. And last but not least I have added a new hologram tv screen that looks more like one screen instead of multiple ones!


Also Please share this project on facebook, share the link through emails and tweet it out on twitter. On twitter I highly recommend tagging the stars of the flash show and tagging the flash twitter page itself so that they can see it and share it! Thanks so much!


New Minifigures

I decided to add Cisco Ramon, Flash, Caitlyn (Sorry if that's spelled wrong)Snow, Iris West, Detective Joe West, Eddie Thawne, another Reverse Flash (Different minifig with no tachyon)