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Tachyon Particle Trap


Hello DC fans,

This is my first DC project and hoping for this to be my first published set. This set is based off of the The Flash T.V. series on the CW. I wanted to see some sets come alive from not only the T.V. series but for us DC fans. I have loved all of the hero Lego sets that have come out but I want to see some more villains come into the scene; and so this inspired me to come up with this set. The Tachyon Particle Trap.

This particular set actually does not include the Flash, in costume, but it includes his Arch Nemesis The Reverse Flash, Dr. Harrison Wells, Detective Eddie Thawne, Barry Allen, Detective Joe West and a police officer.

The scene is in one of the labs of Star Laboratories with Detectives Joe West and Eddie Thawne, and the police having set a trap to catch the Reverse Flash. Little does anyone know that Dr. Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash the whole time waiting for the right time to take the Tachyon Particle.

The set includes the force field trap with 5 minifigures:

Dr. Harrison Wells

Reverse Flash

Detective Eddie Thawne

Detective Joe West

Police Man 

3 weapons:

-2 pistols

-1 rifle

Thank You to all those who support this set. 

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