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Fetch with Ruff Ruffman


Fetch with Ruff Ruffman is a reality game show where the contestants (known as fetchers) do challenges for points in each episode. There are 20 episodes in each season.  In season one the show started out with the host Ruff who is a orange animated dog(he is also a fat dog for that matter). In season two Ruff's assisted came along whose name is Blossom she is a black cat(who is also animated). In season three blossom became Ruff's boss and a new assistant came along whose name was chet he is a brown the mouse (he is animated as well) those are the characters in my set. The long blue thing you see on the right is the fetch 3000, it is a special computer. It's has robotic arms and other cool features, so that is why I put in the blender and the food. The blue chair you see on the left is Ruff's bark lounge chair, I built in a robotic arm with a TV screen just like in the show. The sliding door in the wall opens to a little room where the prizes for the show are. The A and B are the boxes that hide the prizes at the end of each episode the fetcher with the most points gets to choose A or B Prize.

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