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The A-Team

The A Team
The series "The A-Team" have been with me since 1988 and that's why I wanted to set a memorial in the form of a Lego Set. 
After 2 years of construction it is now finished.
The set consists of the A-Team Van, the Corvette and 5 minifigures. 
Everything is on a plate with a matching sign and some decoration.
A total of about 950 stones were installed.
John Hannibal Smith
B.A. Baracus
Templeton Peck
Howling Mad Murdock
Amy Amanda Allen
This set has been modeled on the first and second season of the series. I deliberately decided that because the best squadrons were for me.
I hope you like this A-Team Set. About a Supportet I would be happy and thank you in advance.