Product Idea

Asteroid Dinosaur Fighters II

Dr. Sarahlina established a new quantum robotic system from the study of robotic engineering from Evosuits team.  With this new robotic system, Dr. Sarahlina now works closely with her father Dr. Argo Zeechalhom.  At the same time, they created a new quantum biological dinosaur - Triceratops.  Together with Diplophosaurus, Stegosaurus and Deinonychus, they try to fight back asteroid dinosaur fighters. Nevertheless, Evosuits team has identified Dr Sarahlina's planing and sent out their well-trained robotic dogs: Droidog ED1 and Droidog ED2, to stop Dr. Argo's evil intention.

This Lego Project - Asteroid Dinosaur Fighters II, is a continuous project of Asteroid Dinosaur Fighters.  We do hope you enjoy with our Lego creations and its story. 

Thank you very much.