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Mystic Mushroom Mountain


Mystic Mushroom Mountain

Far into the beautiful mountains in the world of Lego, there is a mountain that has mystical crystals and mushrooms. An avid hiker named Eva likes to hike into the mountains to find remote places like this. As you can see it is spring on the mountain. The places Eva visits help her to relax and be one with nature. Eva took the pictures of this wonderful mountain and tree.

Eva is also working with scientists to find cures for illnesses. Many scientists are looking for cures using living and non-living objects in nature. Many scientists all over the world request that Eva bring back samples of the minerals and exotic plants she finds while out on her hikes. Together, Eva and the scientists are working to make the world of Lego a better place.

On this trip, Eva took samples of mushrooms and different types of flowers. Eva is tempted to try eating one of the mushrooms, but knows she should not. She has never seen this type of mushroom before. Eva knows wild mushrooms can be poisonous and used special protective gear to harvest the mushroom samples. The scientists will be able to tell her if the mushroom is poisonous. On her next trip to Mystic Mushroom Mountain, Eva plans to take samples of crystals and leafy plants.

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