The Battle of Utapau

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The battle of Utapau, This set will contain several scenes from the battle of Utapau. One scene will include four clone troopers, ( one being commander Cody, The others will be in the 212th star corps ), a crab droid,( as seen above), and two droids. Another scene would be Obi-wan Kenobi riding the Boga,(the lizard), with four members of the trade federation, (Nute Gunray, Wat Tambor or others),and a desk that they are sitting at, and two magnaguards. Another set would include General Grievous and his rotary bike, and obi wan. These pictures are some prototype sets, just briefed over, not complete detail. The crab droid in the picture above has six moving legs, with rubber bands so the crab droid will stay up, but not to tight that they wont move. It also features two laser turrets on the bottom of the droid. This crab droid is movie accurate from the revenge of the sith. Well, I hope you like the project, and I hope you support it.
Thanks guys.

This is another view of the crab droid. Only this pic, is of three crab droids getting ready for battle.

Here is a picture of the 501st legion in different colors. With commander Cody on the left.

This is a picture from the side. These awesome pictures were done by GRusso. Thank you so much for doing it. I hope everyone realizes he did this just to help me out, and he didn't even want any profit if this makes it to 10,000. So everyone go over to his projects, and support them!

This is a picture Grievous' wheel bike. The wheel bike contains the machine guns on the side, as it did in the movie. And the wheel does spin, it is not in a fixed position. The seat also contains the control panel that Grievous uses to start the tsmeu-6 wheel bike. And their is room for Grievous on the seat. Well I hope you like it and support it. And make sure to check out all these awesome peoples awesome ideas. But most of all, thank Grusso for doing these amazing pictures for the project.
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