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Christmas Cave


     Bring home some Holiday Spirit with a copy of the Lego Ideas Christmas Cave! This cave, concealed beneath a winter wonderland, is inhabited by the "dreaded" Yeti. Above, the toy soldier stands tall, hours and hours each day beside the park bench waiting for Santa's Holiday train to pass by. The yeti, despite his grizzly appearance, enjoys the season as much as anyone, and can join in the holiday fun by crawling up into the park through a trap door hidden beneath the snow.

     This set would be a perfect addition to the winter village series and would most likely cost around 35-40 dollars. It contains two characters, not including the bunny, ready to spread some Christmas joy. And even if you don't celebrate Christmas, remove the trees, bench and lamppost from the scene and add in you own ideas! Maybe an igloo? An ice skating rink? A menorah? Or just whatever great winter idea pops into your head! I hope everyone can find something enjoyable from this set. 

Support for this project would be very much appreciated, thanks and happy holidays!

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