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Battle Suit


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-This is a mech suit designed for pose-ablity and display, and is highly detailed.

It's height is roughly 4 inches, or for those of you who use metric- 10 cm

It comes equipped with four weapons/accessories:

-Oversized Sword, for melee action. (Attaches to back)

-Built-in Gattling laser cannon (Rotates)

-Grappling-line gun

-Long-range laser rifle (Also attaches to back)

I has many joints and a high articulation level, but lacks enough strength to withstand child's play :(

If positioned right, it can be stood up, as pictured, or you can just attach it to a baseplate by the feet.

The standard edition is grey as you can see, but later versions may come in other colors. (That is if I can figure out how to make it on LDD)


I hope you like it, and please support and follow for updates!

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