European Inside Cylindered 4-4-0

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Updated 05/10

Although based mainly on the LMS 2P (, this loco is designed to be generic enough to represent both British and early Continental 4-4-0s (American locos are always have outside cylinders).

Represented in 141 - "Earth Green", imitating GWR colours, 154 - "Dark New Red", imitating LMS Vermillion/Crimson Lake, or 23 - "Blue" - representing Caledonian (or "Thomas And Friends" Edward) The other colours used in the project are 199 (Dark Stone Grey), 1 (White, for the lamps) and 24 (Bright Yellow, used for the whistle and Safety Valves). Translucent white and red are used for the lamp jewels.

> Open Frame construction, with representation of some of the valve gear linkage on the powered axle
> 2 tender top constructions (swappable for motorisation) with the coal space not being built into the sides and is completely removable.
> Motorisable with Power Functions (receiver in tender, loco bogie being a PF motor; battery box would have to be mounted in a trailing vehicle) or by using a 9V motor (which is what is represented here)
> Full provisioning of lamp holders (in the standard 1 top/3 footplate arrangement) for different train classes
> representation of cab controls (2 pressure gauges, 2 levers and 1 wheel), which can be removed for Power Function integration.
> Handrails on tender and boiler
> Basic construction; no advanced techniques here making it suitable for all ages*

Parts wise, the LDD model registers as 326 parts, which can be broken down even further;
> 9 for the lamps
> 19 for the alternate tender configurations
> 3 for straight track pieces.

*all ages used. Please be aware of the choking hazard.

The front of the loco. The grey circles on the smoke box are the builder plates.

Showing the two types of tender top. The 2 1x1 bricks are included for PF Motorization conversion to replace the bar on the top of the tender.

The loco in no. 23 - "Light Blue". I put it in this colour as somebody said it looked similar to Edward from Thomas & Friends.